About Us

Career Directed Solutions provides Change Consulting, Outplacement, Career Management and Coaching & Leadership to organisations in the UK, Europe and beyond. 

Our business is all about people, so our coaches and consultants have been carefully selected to ensure they are qualified, experienced, enthusiastic and motivated, to offer your people the very best career solutions possible.

Moving Forward...

Our understanding of the real life challenges faced by people adapting to and embracing change has resulted in Career Directed Solutions, organisation and career solutions with a fresh perspective.

Making sure people are equipped and ready for change usually requires a series of steps to be taken such as re-training, becoming more confident and/or learning new skills.  Equally as important however is developing a 'moving-on' mindset to view change as a positive step. 

Through sure footed steps, the people we work with can transition into their new beginnings, much as the butterfly represents new life. 

We believe that to truly help an organisation and its people, our people need to love what they do and embrace new learning to keep us at the leading edge of our profession.  Valuing honest relationships and working towards a common goal will always be the best way forward for us.

Career Directed Solutions offers service throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.  Our head office is located in Wiltshire and other physical offices include The Midlands and Central London.

To discuss how Career Directed Solutions can help your organisation moving forward, contact either Steve Thompson-Martyn, Frances Mitchell or Martyn Fletcher  in complete confidence.

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