Steve Thompson-Martyn

Steve Thompson-Martyn

With a 20+ year professional background in organisational change Steve is responsible for leading the development of the business whilst also still retaining an active delivery (coaching) role with key clients.

Passionate and driven to offer optimal outcomes for clients,  during the last 21 years Steve has developed a very deep knowledge of the Outplacement, Career Management, Coaching and Mentoring disciplines which he uses in his work with individual clients and leadership teams alike.

Steve has a particular passion for developing career centric cultures within organisations specifically focusing on:

  • Managing change and transition
  • Developing leadership
  • Ensuring effective onboarding
  • Developing reluctant sales teams
  • Improving Board/Executive cohesion and teamwork
  • Enhancing personal effectiveness, performance and positive impact
  • Achieving successful personal transition
  • Supporting career planning,change and advancement
  • Developing corporate career frameworks and cultures
  • Managing performance, succession and personal development

Steve is energised by leading from the front, personally advising senior leaders and their teams throughout all aspects of change whilst also facilitating innovative career solutions for employees at all levels.

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