Career Directed Solutions embraces corporate social responsibility

Through the CDS Foundation, Career Directed Solutions shows its support for local organisations, clients in special circumstances and from 2015 the charity, Crohn’s & Colitis UK. 

“Sometimes all that is required in our communities is a little practical help using our expertise and resources that would otherwise be out of reach for a ‘not for profit’ organisation” says CDS director Steve Thompson-Martyn.

“For example, the CDS Foundation recently provided much needed IT equipment to a scout group and also supported a school to develop team leadership with psychometrics.  Small things that will make a real difference to the adults and children affected.”

“We are very excited about the support that we will offer Crohn’s & Colitis in 2015.  It is a debilitating condition that is very close to our hearts and although our contribution will be only one of many, we know the more support offered from organisations such as ours, the better the research and treatment will become for sufferers.”

We urge other businesses to get involved at some level with local charities and community groups.  It really makes a difference to the organisations you support and it gives your team members a warm glow to know they are working for a socially responsible employer.

Read more about Crohn's & Colitis here

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Posted: Monday 8 December 2014

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