5 Ways to Set Your Employees Up for Success in 2015

With the stress of the holiday season behind you, it’s time to start thinking about how to truly make 2015 your most successful year yet.

Achieving ambitious goals starts with making a game plan. You’ve probably set financial goals for your Organisation, but to make these a reality, you must rally the support of your entire team.

By involving your employees in the goal-setting process, you can align their goals with overall company objectives. And with that collective focus and accountability, you can set your company up for unparalleled growth.
Here’s how you can equip your staff for success in 2015:

1. Discuss personal goals alongside professional aims.

Achieving fulfillment and overall happiness in the workplace is crucial to your employees’ productivity.

Listen closely to employees' personal goals and make an effort to help your staff achieve them. Without employees openly discussing their personal goals, managers wouldn’t be able to implement initiatives to help them.

2. Connect employee aims to larger company objectives.

Your employees want to know how their work contributes to larger company strategies, so show them the big picture.

Share the company’s overarching goals for the year and discuss how staffers' individual efforts can help accomplish this mission.

3. Set challenging yet achievable targets.

The most effective goals are challenging but attainable. When discussing goals with team members, emphasise the importance of setting aims worth achieving. Make sure you ask, “Will these goals make a difference to both you and the company as a whole?”

4. Write the goals down.

The act of writing goals down on paper may seem elementary, but a 1979 Harvard study made the benefit clear. Their research results revealed that only 3 percent  of their respondents had written goals and plans, 13 percent had goals (but not written down) and 84 percent didn't have any objectives at all.

Fast-forward 10 years to when these individuals were interviewed again. The former students who had goals but didn’t write them down were earning twice the amount as those who had none. The few who had written down their goals were earning, on average, 10 times as much as the other 97 percent of the class combined.

5. Create a plan for success and stick to it.

Once goals are set, ask employees to discuss how they plan to meet them. Encourage them to break down the goals into tasks, set interim objectives (especially for a large or long-term project) and periodically monitor progress. Writing down milestones on a calendar will help them visualise the path to success.

By setting goals at the beginning of the year, you create a long-term vision for the company and instill motivation in your employees. It will help all players involved organize their time and resources and ultimately result in a more fulfilling, productive year.

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Posted: Tuesday 6 January 2015

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