Summer Reflections

Many people are now turning their attentions to the summer break and much needed time to focus on relaxation and spending quality time with friends and family. This is also a time as summer comes to a close when employees faced with a return to work begin to question whether a move or a change is now appropriate. Since the economic downturn in 2008 there has been a significant slowdown in inter job movement, employees favouring the devil they know rather than taking a risk into potentially uncertain opportunities. This year the market is far more buoyant and early predictions suggest that autumn 2015 is an optimum time to make strategic career moves.

So as employees head for the beach there are three key questions that they should reflect upon.

Is there a compelling reason to change now?

Are my personal goals still aligned with those of my employers ?

Is the confidence I have in discharging my role being undermined by negative or ambivalent feedback?

Simple enough questions but underneath there are key areas to break down.

Whilst we often feel disheartened or stale In a role is there really a scenario emerging that is irreversible? Have you stalled? Are you in a position where future development is unlikely?

Matching personal goals to corporate goals is trickier as often we have focussed on role survival and have sacrificed self determination to remain in the safety of employment. It is a critical time to now set personal goals and challenge hard as to whether these really match those of the employer

Finally forced career moves often occur when things have been going wrong for 18 months or so and have a significant effect on self confidence. Are you in this cycle?

If the answers to the above either lead you to draw a positive desire to change or simply ask more questions it is time to seek some objective and third party career management support. Never has this been more important as we seek to explore ever evolving roles in the work place.

Posted: Tuesday 30 June 2015

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