Launch Countdown |The New Generation of Transition Coaching Programmes

Just 7 days until the official launch of the CDS new generation of Transition Coaching programmes and we couldn’t be more excited!

Developed in conjunction with client organisations, our new generation of transition coaching programmes addresses, in particular, the maximisation of two key business drivers:

  • Recruitment ROI
  • Effectiveness and productivity of new hires

Driven by the quest for excellence and powered by research and expertise, we designed a transition coaching model that is both flexible and robust. It enables our coaches to quickly identify and address an individual’s specific transition challenges in a more targeted fashion.

In addition to enhancements to our current TC programmes, we have also included a Global Transition model designed to support individuals and their families through uncertain times.

We launch the new generation of CDS Transition Coaching programmes on the 4th April but if you would like to discuss how we can support your people and maximise ROI, please contact Frances Mitchell directly. 

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Posted: Tuesday 29 March 2016

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