Welcome to the New Generation of Transition Coaching Programmes from Career Directed Solutions

Today marks the official launch of our updated Transition Coaching programmes with the addition of Global Transition Coaching.

Now more than ever ROI is being examined closely by organisations before embarking on coaching interventions to support their employees. 

That’s why the new generation CDS Transition Coaching programmes are proving particularly popular.  Our new TC model helps identify quickly and accurately the specific challenges that will be faced by individuals and therefore directs our coaching expertise where it will be most effective. 

In addition to our updated TC programmes we have the unique capability of being able to provide tailored support to those embarking on global moves, whether physically or virtually relocating. 

To discuss our exciting new TC programmes in more depth please contact Frances Mitchell.  Email:  frances@careerds.co.uk | Tel: 07557 872488 | Web: careerds.co.uk


Posted: Wednesday 6 April 2016

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