Career Directed Solutions' Summer 16 Consultants Conference

Career Directed Solutions held its 8th consultants conference this July at the Woodland Grange Hotel, Leamington Spa. CDS saw this as its most important CPD even for our consultant team as we addressed the key theme of the day which was to tackle challenges currently affecting our industry in the wake of an ever changing job market influenced by technology, globalisation, economic uncertainty and most recently Brexit. For us it was key to open an ongoing debate which we will continue to develop with consultants and clients alike as the year moves forward. This event was all about getting the different perspectives from our team who are faced with these challenges every day..

We kicked off the day with a welcome from one of our Delivery Director and Thought Leader Martyn Fletcher who framed the day by challenging the team to look wider and deeper in determining what do our clients need.

We had two key guest speakers join us for the day, the first being Dr. Richard Mackinnon a chartered occupational psychologist and registered coaching psychologist, as the co-founder and Insight Director at The Future Work Centre in London Richard has become an acknowledged thought leader in the field of employee engagement. Richard came specifically to conference with the brief to speak to the team about the role of employee engagement in turnover intentions. He challenged us to think from a scientific perspective and make evidence based decisions. His presentation was highly thought provoking and made a significant impact on the whole group.

Our second guest Speaker was Helen Menhennet, a freelance researcher and writer, with a special interest in HR issues and career management. Working with consultancy clients to research and source materials for client delivery, training and marketing events, websites and magazines. Helen shared us her approach to research in an increasingly data centric community and shared with the group an impressive amount of knowledge and resources that we can utilise but most critically a navigational path through this sometimes overwhelming availability of information.


The final session was interactive, mapping the areas of change we need to address ranging from diversity in jobsearch to age profile changes to new roles emerging. This was a great start which will found the basis of 2017 which for CDS will be The Year of the Career.


Posted: Thursday 11 August 2016

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