Autumn Looks Full of Opportunity

As we pack away the buckets and spades after the summer holidays it is a little known fact that September is one of the peak months for marriage break ups and resignations. It seems that as we chill and enjoy fresh perspective we come home ready to make radical changes. I won’t go into the issue of divorce but the whole job change arena this autumn should be interesting and possibly more buoyant than many had imagined.


First things first it is important not to be rushed into resignation by the perspective holiday has granted us. It is clear that we are all working harder with greater pressure and reduced resource. Come back to work and at least give it a month or so before taking action.


If you are still inclined to pursue new opportunities then plan carefully and be ready to enter a market that from early indications should present fresh opportunity from late September onwards. Whilst the whole Brexit issue is a factor we have been dealing with other difficult issues constantly since 2008 such as off shoring, outsourcing, shared service centres and so the list goes on. Brexit is just another element of a rapidly changing job market.


As you look to consider a move be clear on what you are looking to change and be sure that you are not swapping one difficult situation for a new difficult situation.


Today there are many ways to search for a new role, Linkedin is now the centre piece for many vacancies as employers who have bought their recruitment in house utilize this largely free to market resource… check that your profile picture is not cheesy first.


Contacts and people you know are a great source of introductions and inside knowledge on what it is like to work for certain employers


Be confident and look for enhancement don’t fall into the trap of suspecting all opportunities will pay less they won’t, aim high.


There will be a potentially busy window as outlined earlier which will take us up to the first or second week in December. If now is not the time to move, the second busiest time for job moves (and divorce) is immediately after Christmas as we all look to our new years’ resolution………….but let’s not even think about the festive word just yet lets enjoy the last days of summer.



Posted: Saturday 10 September 2016

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