67 Reasons for Transition Coaching!!

The recent furore surrounding the recent departure of the England football manager after only 67 days focused heavily on the tenure and inappropriate behavior and judgement of a senior figure paid a lot of money. Whilst we focused on the Sensational aspects of this story in truth it was not particularly surprising. If this was any other setting than high profile professional support we would be looking at how the events played out through a very different lens. So a new hire with potential has just been recruited into the highest role they could take, the role is a long held dream and with this dream the candidate is propelled into a new set of pressures, goals, behaviours and challenges. Unchartered waters for any new senior hire. The new hire would have also come with a weight of expectation, perception and also a bounty in onboarding fees. If this was in many other organisations, particularly commercially focused, the risks associated with the transition into the new role would have been identified and a comprehensive on boarding programme would be in place with, at its very heart, first 100 day or Transition coaching. Many, many senior hires materially fail within the first 100 days of a new role even if the ultimate departure can be several months later.

Key areas of failure are often centered around:

1 Appropriate initial behavior

2. Picking the right quick wins

3. Balancing the best of the old with the new ideas that need to be introduced

4 Recruiting staff into your thinking

5. Retaining a distance and professionalism that is so important

6. Grow into the role….seniority is only a level

 The role of England football manager is hugely aspirational but is no different to any job that all of us strive so hard to reach. The biggest single trap on joining a new business is that all around is a perception of poor practice and the new hire has a mandate to change, change, change. This is the single biggest area of danger. A detailed transition coaching intervention with agreed objectives and much needed objectivity is so critical at times like this. Whether you are 31, 51 or 61 age is irrelevant. Senior roles are dynamic and unexpected and the departure of the England football manager is a reminder for us all of the true benefits of getting the onboarding process right.

Posted: Wednesday 12 October 2016

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