Resilience in the Workplace

As we reflect on 2017 and the key areas that we have been asked to particularly support clients in, the twin themes of resilience and mindfulness have increasingly come to the fore as the year progressed. The continuing economic uncertainty and very real pressures on the domestic purse have caused employees to face a growing level of anxiety both in the workplace and at home which in turn is being bought to work.

Today’s working world is growing increasingly challenging and we are experiencing higher stress levels than ever before. Supporting individuals to build their personal resilience within the workplace can help to reduce stress levels. Organisations are now seeing the benefits of helping leaders and individuals to become more resilient, which is having a positive impact on employee productivity, engagement and retention.

It’s estimated that around 17 million work days are being lost due to stress, depression and anxiety caused by work related issues. This is impacting on business productivity, with key members of teams being absent and so companies are taking action to address this challenge

Resilience in the work place can mean different things to different people, for instance being able to cope with changing situations, working well under pressure, being able to deal with large demanding workloads and being able to bounce back quickly from challenging situations.

Resilience comes more naturally to some than others, but everyone has the capability to build their resilience muscle and adapt to/ address challenging situations. 

Below are examples of areas that organisations can develop to boost resilience in the workplace:

  • Creating friendly and open working environments
  • Developing understanding and empathetic managers who support employees to feel valued and build trusted relationships with them.
  • Offering Counselling / Coaching
  • Ensuring workloads are manageable by clarifying priority areas and designing clear and accountable roles and structures
  • Exploring flexible working arrangements
  • Promoting healthy lifestyle through information/ education
  • Encouraging regular breaks

Incorporating the above methods and behaviours will have a positive effect on your employees level of engagement, increasing business productivity, reducing sick leave and absence, boosting team morale and commitment to the company.

At CDS we also recognise the benefits of creating a resilient workforce supporting individuals to feel happy, confident and in control. If you would like to find out more about the range of our bespoke services, please get in contact with us.


Posted: Wednesday 13 December 2017

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