Social Media Addiction

There is a really interesting article circulating Linkedin which addresses the growing fascination/obsession with the younger generation and their phones and wider social media activity. Whilst many companies now protect themselves and their staff with social media policies the use of personal mobile technology is a much greyer area particularly when we may use our personal phones for work and our work phones for personal use. The days of my carrying a brick as a phone with a  £1500 Bill for 10 hours use have long gone.

So as employers where is the line. We give smokers adequate breaks to feed their habits, do we recognise the phone and its access to 24/7 connectivity as an addiction and allow breaks to feed this alternative addiction. How do we legislate against such use when asking people to work longer and harder, is the constant access to messaging a disruption to thought and concentration….oops just need to send a text re tomorrows party….sorry back again!

Whilst this may seem a small issue we will see performance management and disciplinaries grow as the level to which use of such equipment grows. The most chilling factor is that most users like addictions of all sort do not realise how often and for how long they are straying into this parallel place.

As employers it will be interesting to build consensus


Posted: Saturday 3 February 2018

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