CDS Introduces Its First Consultant Recognition Awards

As a business we have always prided ourselves on the professionalism and quality of our consultancy team and we do our best to recognise their efforts with a plethora of thankyous where appropriate. Whilst saying thank you is so important it is also fleeting and intangible, so we decided to mark individual contributions in a more permanent way.

At our autumn Consultant Conference, we were proud to launch our new recognition awards. The awards recognise two elements, which are crucial to our business. Firstly, recognising the extra mile our consultants will go to in supporting our clients and secondly recognising where they receive outstanding client feedback.

So, we are delighted to announce that the deserved recipients of our first CDS Recognition Awards are, Francine Coulson-Joy, “Going the Extra Mile”, for exceeding expectations on a large group project and Ray Warren, “Excellent Client Feedback” for receiving exceptional client feedback on our evaluation of service questionnaire.

Operations Director Shaun Allred commented “As a business our reputation is enhanced by the quality, commitment and dedication demonstrated by our Consultants. Whilst we will always pass on our thanks I think it is important that we recognise their impact in a more formal way. So, we are delighted to introduce the CDS Annual Recognition Awards, to celebrate exceptional contributions made by our consultants”.

Congratulations again to both Francine and Ray and a big thank you to all our Consultants. We look forward to recognising more outstanding contributions at next year’s conference.

Posted: Saturday 27 October 2018

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