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We recently held a career conversation workshop run by Sara Penter, our Head of Coaching. We were able to engage with a diverse group of HR Leaders on the role of Career management in the workplace. In the session we shared some thought provoking statistics:

  • The career landscape is changing – in the UK 50% of the babies born in 2007 are expected to be alive at 103.  This means that we are looking at 60 year careers as retirement dates will inevitably continue to rise;
  • It’s not just the young who are investing in new skills – 60% of people aged 45 and over are as opposed to 91% of 18-30 year olds;
  • In this new career there are more stages which include explorer, independent producer, portfolio and many more transitions.  Being able to thrive during transitions will become a key skill.

Organisations will need to support individuals to become ‘career chameleons’ by:

  • Increasing self awareness;
  • Accepting changes in power structures;
  • Building new networks;
  • Thinking innovatively and outside the box;
  • Acquiring new knowledge and transferrable skills, not always on the back of a promotion/pay rise

Finally we talked about the importance of career conversations in organisations:

  • 80% (of a survey of 244 companies) acknowledge that lack of career development is the primary reason for voluntary employee departure;
  • 93% agreed career development drives engagement and retention of staff;
  • 83% agreed career management plays a significant role in the achievement of business objectives…

And yet:

  • Only 17.5% of managers have regular career convos with employees;
  • 57% of employees do not proactively manage their careers;
  • Only 1:4 managers are confident about having career conversations

If you would like to build the competence of your managers,  or run a similar event  in house or simply explore the challenge more please contact my colleagues or


Posted: Wednesday 6 March 2019

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