Brexit Update on Jobs

Last week in parliament was pretty unsatisfactory for all of us who lead businesses, large and small. The parochial politicking around the process is now costing business money in terms of time, stock and re-work. So as we enter the next phase where are we with Brexit in terms of the UK jobs market.

UK Employment levels continue at an all time high, with the number of vacancies available also increasing.  The market is split into two or three key areas. Firstly we have the primary sector and broader manufacturing roles where unsurprisingly the UK job market is attracting dramatically less European workers than ever before with the healthcare industry being particularly affected together with seasonal agriculture. 

For the managerial and specialist sector the proposed tariff regimes will have a material effect on how roles are designed and where those roles will be based. Housing and jobs are often in tandem and the amount of properties entering the market is at a low reflecting the growing inertia in our economy. Senior vacancies will move once we get a firm next step. Even a no deal Brext will produce the change we need as we at least know what the agenda will be.

Then there are the hidden costs, Brexit is and will continue to have an effect on organisations, with much uncertainty around changes in employment law and workforce planning. HR departments are set in place to support organisations and its employees through the correct procedures and policies, in many cases there will be an increased need for support from HR departments as the situation and effects of Brexit become clearer.

The Institute for Employment Studies is a great reference point for those seeking updates relating to Brexit and the workplace.

So whatever the final withdrawal bill date is the UK economy must have clear decisions in place by March 29th or we will see a resilient economy move towards distress and none of us believe that is what remain or leave voters ever wanted….at least we can agree on that surely.


Posted: Wednesday 20 March 2019

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