First Career Movers

My 23 year old daughter who was in her first role in HR recently took her first steps towards a first career move and somewhat dauntingly came to Dad for advice. Not feeling under any pressure at all I reflected on the wisdom that I would impart. It suddenly struck me that in recent years so much of the advice we, as career professionals provide is based on traditional corporate structures, career paths and development but the landscape for first generation career movers is changing at quite a rate. What had firstly become apparent is that even though my daughter was working in a structured HR function the room to move was limited and the pace at which she needed to change to take on board new experience could not be matched by the employer. The discussion we had was predicated on an onward career in HR and what that could look like but we started from two precedents, firstly that this was a focus on her first career and secondly we did not need to seek a perfect role just one that would add value for at least two years. The search then thankfully went well but lead me to summarise a number of key elements:

  • Pathways for first career movers are less structured, visible and therefore the need for Career Guidance has never been greater
  • The competitive landscape amongst a group of well educated first career movers has never been greater
  • Right first time is less important than before, mistakes are all part of the journey
  • First career movers have to be equipped to take management of careers at a far earlier stage as employers increasingly are unable to provide the certainty of a next in house move.
  • In an age of electronic communication the ability to show personality and verbal communication skills is an increasing need
  • First career movers have to focus from a much earlier age on what they can deliver now irrespective of potential for the future.

As an industry we need to adapt fast to the changing needs of this group. This population are typically socially independent and so if we are to develop the relevance of our industry to this group it is critical that as an industry we focus on this group and develop a new age offer.


Posted: Friday 22 March 2019

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