Brew Monday 20th Jan 2020

The 3rd Monday in January has always been known as Blue Monday, as it is apparently the most depressing day of the year.  Credit card bills are rolling in, no festivities to look forward to, and belts are having to be tightened on the one hand and loosened on the other!  Many people will be part way through Dry January or even Veganuary, the nights are long and Spring still seems a long way off.

For this reason our selected charity partner, Samaritans suggest you run a Brew Monday on 20th  January 2020 to get together with your team for a cuppa and (diets permitting) maybe a slice of cake too.  You can get one of their Brew Packs free of charge by clicking the following link .

So…switch off the phones for half and hour, get your team together for a cuppa and a chat.  This can help lift someone who may be feeling down or depressed.


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