Building a Career Management Culture

Career Management is an integral part of every successful organisations' talent strategy.

Recognising the need for career management systems and professional expertise in helping to develop and manage your employees' careers is the first step in building a career management culture.

A career management culture is one where your employees feel valued and motivated, knowing that their talents and their development needs will be taken seriously. 

Career Culture Audit

A Career Directed Solutions consultant will design an audit process for your organisation to understand the essence of your culture at the present time.  Our report to you will outline where there are positive attributes and where there is room for improvement.  Often this process will identify individuals who can be developed further and therefore provide more value to the business.  The impartiality of this audit is key to understanding the true picture.  

Implementing a Career Management Culture

A culture is felt throughout an organisation so is much more than implementing systems and processes. It takes time to build a culture based on value and trust but we know from experience that organisations that embrace this mindset reap the financial benefits of a motivated, highly skilled and more productive workforce.

Please contact Steve Thompson-Martyn to discuss building a career management culture within your organisation.

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