Building Coaching Cultures

An organisation with a coaching culture can be described as one which adopts coaching practices as an integral way of managing and developing people.

It recognises the value of using a coaching approach to grow and develop its people in order to grow and develop the organisation itself.
A useful definition of a this culture is given by Clutterbuck & Meginson, 2006 : ’A culture where people coach each other all the time as a natural part of meetings, reviews and one to one discussions of all kinds.’

In a true coaching organisation managers will recognise when a coaching approach is appropriate in managing their staff and apply these skills in their own role as a manager. They won’t see coaching as ‘an additional responsibility which takes up additional time’, instead they will see it as an effective and efficient way of managing staff performance and improving business performance. We believe absolutely in the power of building an effective and skilful internal coaching culture. We also believe that it is not something that happens without real and consistent focus on the commitment and coaching capability of the internal team.

We support our clients in building truly effective coaching cultures at every level in the organisation.

Coaching Senior Leaders

It is very difficult for internal coaching teams to work effectively with the people and teams at the top of the business. They are typically too close and power imbalances can get in the way. We provide leading executive coaches, so our clients can rest assured that their top talent are reaching their full potential.

Internal Coach Supervision

Ensuring your internal coaching team receives on-going supervision will be key to their personal development, as well as ensuring they are meeting best practice guidelines.

Training for Internal Coach Teams

We train and accredit internal coaches to the right level and depth, so the business has a team of the highest calibre.

Developing Leader as Coach

True coaching cultures lead by example. We help senior individuals to develop and integrate core coaching skills into their daily management by listening, questioning and helping those around them to flourish.

First Line Management Coaching

Managers at these levels have some very specific needs, in terms of coaching skills. They need to be more than capable of improving a specific skill necessary to do the job, whilst also be able to do some work in the behavioural and attitudinal area.
Every coaching culture is different. We’ll work with you to shape, develop, craft and challenge your culture so that it develops the way that’s is best for today, tomorrow and the future of the organisation.  It is very important that Flex™ underpins any coaching culture.  Our Flex model is centred around ‘Future Leveraging of Excellence.’ 

Find out more about working in partnership with us. Or, contact Frances Mitchell and ask about how to grow your coaching culture. Annie is here to help, listen to your questions and understand your needs.

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