Career Crossroads

Moving on, but in which direction?

Most of us reach a crossroads in our career journey at some point. It can occur at any level in an organisation and at any age.

Recognising when an employee has reached a crossroads is an important observation and typically is learnt from talk of a resignation or through our career assessment and development work.

Key managers and other specialist staff, in particular, will make the best decision for your business with the help of a Career Directed Solutions' consultant.

The Career Crossroads Solution

The CDS Coaching Toolkit offers a range of specially developed assessment tools, used in conjunction with our expertise and support, to uncover potential and assist with the steps required to move forward to the most appropriate career path for an individual.  This sometimes results in an employee exiting the organisation but when the decision is a considered one, it is ultimately in the best interests of both parties.

If a valuable member of your team is at a career crossroads, please contact Steve Thompson-Martyn to discuss a suitable course of action.

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