Career Management

The rapid changes that are taking place in the workplace have had a profound effect on the way that individuals and companies alike view a modern career.

Today Careers need to be planned, developed and managed in a way that historically was never required as companies set direction.

The majority of adults have never received an effective career based discussion.  The appraisal PDP route is seen by many to satisfy this need but it does not.

Career Directed Solutions works to ensure that:

  • Individuals receive challenging, informative and innovative Career Sessions
  • Companies are supported to establish career management programmes that complement existing processes but meet the business drivers
  • Managers and executives are equipped with the tools and skills to conduct career interviews in an objective, impartial and confidential manner.

Effective Career Management is the single biggest opportunity to retain key staff and mobilise those for whom a change is appropriate.

To discuss how Career Management can be used as an effective retention tool for your organisation, contact Steve Thompson-Martyn.

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