Planning & Consulting Services

Planning for Change with Career Directed Solutions

Working with the principals of Career Directed Solutions provides you with an unrivalled wealth of experience on your team. You are assured of recommendations based on an understanding of your organisation, proven strategies and respected industry expertise.

From our experience we know that engaging Career Directed Solutions during the planning stages of change ensures considered outcomes for both your business and your employees.  We will help you plan for constructive outcomes in a timely manner.

During the planning and consultation phase of organisational change, we are able to introduce the consultant who will offer support to those employees affected by change.  It is important for your employees to feel comfortable with our consultant from early on in the process, with introduction preferably during the consulting stage.

Career Directed Solutions' consultants genuinely care about the results they deliver for clients and will add value throughout the change process to ensure positive outcomes are achieved for everyone concerned.

Please contact Steve Thompson-Martyn to discuss how to involve Career Directed Solutions during your change planning and consultation phase.

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