Coaching, Leadership & Development

At Career Directed Solutions we understand that your future business is built on the ability of your people to perform with excellence, become inspirational leaders and, in turn, identify & mentor those with the potential to achieve greatness. 

Our Coaching, Leadership & Development practice is innovative and forward focused with one of the most highly qualified and experienced coaching teams you will encounter. With recommendations from some of the UK’s largest organisations, we are assured that our transformational approach to Coaching, Leadership & Development translates into tangible business results.

We design bespoke coaching, leadership & development solutions across all levels of an organisation and at the highest level you will find the seniority and expertise of our coaches and consultants most re-assuring.

All of our programmes can be tailored to meet your needs but as a base our core solutions include:

  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Team Development
  • Transition Coaching
  • Mediation

At the heart of every coaching, leadership or development programme we deliver are your people. Whether 1-1, team or group based, our commitment to helping individuals reach the best outcome possible for them is wholehearted. 

Underpinning the solutions we offer is our expertise in building career centric environments whereby you house the systems and expertise to identify, develop and nurture your people on an ongoing basis, with our ongoing support if required.

Our Coaching, Development and Leadership team is supported by our own CDS Coaching Toolkit, a dedicated online resource centre for coaches and individuals that provides a knowledge base, along with diagnostic tools and assessments, to facilitate the coaching journey.

Please contact Frances Mitchell to discuss Career Development and Leadership possibilities for your organisation.

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