Directors & Senior Executives

Career Directed Solutions offers a Premier Service™ comprised of outplacement and career transition programmes for your most senior colleagues.

Knowing that you can trust the seniority and expertise of your chosen consultant at this level is vital in providing outplacement or career transition support to members of your senior team.

Unparalleled Service

For this senior level, we design bespoke, individual programmes and deliver unparalleled service from day one, commencing with same day contact following referral and a priority appointment, often on the same day. All support for your senior executives will be provided in person at a convenient location by one of our senior consultants.  Your executives are assured of regular and unlimited contact time.

Our Specialist Consultants

Each executive or director will be matched carefully to a senior consultant who can provide the level of expertise required. In adition, there is a wide range of specialist skills available to your executives at a senior level from within the Career Directed Solutions team including:

  • Personal branding
  • On-line branding
  • Interview coaching
  • Portfolio development

Concierge Service

Career Directed Solutions offers your senior executives a concierge service which provides practical advice and support outside of outplacement and career transition, from our trusted partners.  Services available include:

  • Financial advice
  • Legal advice
  • IT support


We take client confidentiality very seriously and will never discuss the individuals we have worked with unless they have provided us with express permission.  With consent, we can on occasions confide in you the organisations we have provided our senior level outplacement and career transition to.  Please don't hesitate to ask.

Frances Mitchell or Steve Thompson-Martyn will be pleased to discuss with you how best to support your senior executives or directors.

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