Coaching Solutions

We deliver transformational coaching that has the power to build confidence, increase focus and significantly improve the performance of your individuals and teams.

With coaching programmes individually tailored to meet your business needs, the outcomes we are able to achieve for you and your people will be highly targeted towards tangible results.

In both the design and implementation of coaching programmes, we use our own CDS methodology, best practice based on solid theory, coaching expertise and models that we have developed based on ‘real life’ coaching needs and results. Our coaches and all coaching clients have access to the CDS Coaching Toolkit, an online resource which lends support to the coaching journey.

We offer coaching programmes for both individuals and teams, from management through to Senior Executive and Board levels.

Typical coaching solutions include:

  • Executive Coaching
    Supporting individuals in developing high performance attitudes, skills and mindsets
  • Board Coaching
    Often used to enhance and support Board dynamics
  • Senior Team Coaching
    Developing awareness and driving effectiveness in senior teams
  • Performance Coaching
    Designed to enhance an individual’s performance in their current role at work
  • High Potential Coaching
    Supporting transition into a new role or moving to a new area
  • Impact Coaching
    Developing the impact an individual has in relation to a specific leadership role
  • Skills Coaching
    Focused on the core stills an employee needs to perform in their role
  • Career Coaching
    Specific to an individual’s career, assessment and discussion leading to career options
  • Team facilitation
    Coaching in its role as facilitator is particularly valuable during the budget and strategy planning. And coaching a team before a presentation can dramatically improve performance, as well as self-confidence.

For more information on our bespoke coaching programmes or to discuss using our coaching expertise in your organisation, please contact Frances Mitchell.

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