Great Teams

“Great teams are made when every single member knows where they’re going and will do anything to get there” according to Patty McCord who helped to create the unique and high-performing culture at Netflix where she was chief talent officer.

In her book ‘Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility’ McCord cites a number of interesting insights …

  • The greatest team achievements are driven by all members understanding the ultimate goal, the way the business works and its challenges
  • The strongest motivator is having great team members to work with – people who trust and challenge each other and have the freedom to creatively problem solve to get to the ultimate goal
  • Communication between management and employees should genuinely flow both ways. The more leaders encourage questions and suggestions and make themselves accessible the more employees will offer ideas and insights
  • If you don’t tell people about how the business is doing and the challenges being confronted – then they will get that information somewhere else – and it will often be misinformation
  • Practice radical honesty, it …
    • Diffuses tensions and discourages backstabbing
    • Builds understanding and respect
    • Leads to sharing opposing views – leading to vital insights
    • Removes the burden being shouldered by other team members when you provide timely specific and constructive performance improvement feedback to those who need it
  • Create opportunities for intense, open debate over business decisions for teams – they will respond to the opportunity
  • Teams that stay ahead of the curve do so because they proactively develop and recruit talent
  • People should hear frequently about how well they are performing

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