Different Types of Individual Coaching

Performance at the edge = resilience

Increasingly there are key individuals in organisations who play a vital role in the business where a more bespoke development route is needed to navigate their direction. They may have very specific needs and in many instances hold senior positions. Organisations’ recognise their importance and wants to maximise the talent and value they can bring to their current and future roles.  We can all acknowledge that senior executives face big challenges every day, whether they're navigating the first days in a new role, driving transformational change or striving to maximise their impact as leaders.

Individual coaching provides a one to one relationship that is totally bespoke to the individual as the coach responds to them as they outline personal and business goals and challenges. Our individual coaching provides a safe, focused space where executives can honestly assess where they are, develop what they need and achieve their goals.

The benefits of Individual Coaching to you:

  • Bespoke approach to the on-going development of key individuals
  • Demonstration of commitment to an individual
  • Flexible approach to the style, content and frequency of coaching
  • Retention of talented individuals within your company
  • Addressing key concerns and needs areas objectively
  • Bringing a new dimension to the challenges of the role
  • In-depth discussion on selected key topics
  • Discussions alignment to ‘real job’ challenges and concerns
  • Creation of a personal development plan
  • Constant review of progress

This relationship between coach and client is unique. Whether acting as a sounding board, challenger or supporter, the coach's only agenda is to empower that individual to reach their full potential.

If you would like more information or to discuss individual coaching programmes in more detail, please contact Annie Slowgrove.