Successful management of internal applications.

The redeployment process must be seen to be fair and objective from within your organisation. 

Our Role in Redeployment

We are here to support your organisation and your internal applicants by ensuring a realistic view of all options is held and your staff are properly prepared for the application and interview processes. Importantly, our work also includes career management and decisions support to ensure an optimum and timely outcome to role fulfilment is achieved.

Our work with your staff includes:

  • Preparation and support for internal application processes
  • Career management input where the role offered is very different from the applicant's existing role
  • Coaching in CV development and interview techniques to maximise the applicant's chance of success

Redeployment is a specialist transition service provided by Career Directed Solutions. For more information on how we can assist your organisation through change UK wide, contact Frances Mitchell. For London and South East enquiries, contact Henry Armstrong.

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