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Crafting Leadership Footprints™ – creating Leadership Legacy

The art of leadership is just that, it’s an art - not a job title. Crafting a compelling vision, developing directional strategy and the landscape for success, is a complex rarefied selection of mindset, skill and the execution of both, plus - a good dose of intuition and courage.

The best and most revered recognise that leadership itself is an art and craft. It possesses a mysterious quality, one that often appears to have a breath and life all of its own.  And yet, in its simplest form, leadership is about attention and mastery, and the legacy it leaves.

Career Directed Solutions leadership approach combines the three levels of leadership: The Leader’s ‘self’, team and organisation.

Leadership Footprints™ model

From the outset, we build awareness of an individual's impact as a leader and the behavioural choices they make. Focusing on mindset, competence and character, we give the human elements equal standing to the competence - to develop their leadership ability across multiple areas.  In many cases, the mindset and character have more weight, our experience shows that a leader can possess immense skill, but without the right mindset, those skills become academically directed, resulting in a focus on process where people don’t have a place at the table.

Our aim is to support leaders to become the kind of people that people want to be led by.  Creating footprints of trust and respect, with a leadership legacy of doing the right thing.

Key to our leadership development programmes' success is our diagnostic tools that enable us to craft bespoke modules for you organisation context and needs.

To discuss leaership development for your oranisation, contact Frances Mitchell.

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