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Effective business coaching used on a daily basis will develop a team's skills, enhance performance and increase productivity. And it needs to do more than that… it needs to engage managers at a level of personal motivation, it real terms it needs to 'wow' them with new ways of thinking and behaving.

Coaching as a management competency is a very different skill to being an internal coach. Our "Coaching Skills for Managers" programmes are tailored to your individual requirements and business drivers, whilst drawing on our extensive coaching experience and expertise.

This coaching training unlocks your natural coaching skills. It helps you to challenge beliefs that inhibit successful performance. It provides models and techniques that can be put into practice immediately, so you leave with increased confidence in your ability to coach effectively and release the potential of your staff.

Having undergone this training your managers will be better placed to enhance their team's performance, model the type of behaviour expected of your company's managers, know when to coach and when not to and have a thorough knowledge of the skills of coaching and how to employ them for best effect within the company.

Many companies have a rather ad hoc approach to training their line managers in coaching skills - and many expect them to coach without sufficient training. Most appear not to deliver ongoing support and development for their managers in the field of coaching. We therefore offer a range of services in this field.

We will bespoke the services to fit your needs and budget, but the following is an outline of possible approaches:

An introduction to Coaching Skills for Manager

Half or one day coaching awareness training for managers. At the end of this training the managers will leave with an understanding of what coaching is, how it can impact their company and some training on and experience of some of the core coaching competencies. They will also have a list of personal action steps to put straight into practice.

Foundation Coaching Skills for Managers

Generally two to four days of coaching training spread over 1-3 months to allow for putting concepts into practice before further development takes place.
Your managers will leave this training programme with plenty of learning and experience in the use of coaching within their management style. They will have done some coaching with their team and will have a Professional Development Blueprint for putting their learning into practice.

Advanced Manager Coaching Masterclass

We can design and deliver specific training days for the onward development of managers who have already attended coach training programmes. These can be any length from 90 minute teleconferences to several days depending on requirements.

Ongoing Coaching and Coach Mentoring for Managers

Managers who attend training programmes then face a lot of everyday challenges to their learning - when to coach and when to tell? How to coach when time is very tight? How to coach when your coachee wants to be told?

Ongoing coaching in groups and/or one to one can be invaluable in embedding the learning and developing your strong managers into inspiring leaders.
We conduct Manager Coach either in-house or at our training venue in Bradford on Avon.  The programme is all about hands on experience, participants will be working with an experienced ICF coach.  Participants will learn and practice powerful coaching skills and tools. We will explore case studies to suit specific work scenarios.

We nudge… they choose… we challenge… they agree… we push… they decide

To find out more about our Manager Coach programme or to discuss your organisations coaching needs, contact Frances Mitchell.

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