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The Manager Footsteps™ Programme

Our Management Footsteps™ programme covers new essential skills for today's managers and is focused on the principles of creating an engaged team. 

Based on the latest research on what motivates people, the programme commissions the three core principles of Purpose, Autonomy and Mastery. We’ve added our own expert research and experience of working with organisations at the forefront of developing their talent for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Example of tailored content from our Manager Footsteps programme

Trust - Trust is like the air we breathe, when it’s present nobody really notices it. But when it’s absent or compromised, everybody notices it.  It becomes a silent influencer around a team and into the wider business. This forms a major part of our work

Dialogue - Communication, the language we use in both verbal and non-verbal forms a key element of the programme.  In fact with some of our clients’, they use ‘dialogue’ as a stand-alone module. Improving the genuine level of dialogue can transform relationships overnight. The work achieved in improving conversations along with trust tends to create the biggest shift in motivation (at home as well as at work)

Engagement - How managers create meaning in the work they do and connect to the bigger organisational mission and vision. We also work on the dynamics of the team to ensure there is a healthy team culture

Coaching - We support managers develop a sense of 'mastery' in their teams by focusing on both skills coaching as well as behavioural coaching. People are motivated by doing well so we are passionate advocates of helping managers to acknowledge strength and move away from 'negative critique' that is so often used in coaching within organisations

MakingThings Happen - Managers need to make things happen and we use the latest tools and techniques to make sure it is best practice. For example running effective meetings, problem solving, resource planning, making decisions and project management

Feedback Loop – We believe that to be the best you can and help your teams achieve the same result, you've got to get your ideas from somewhere - your market, your sector, your peers both internal and external. We support managers staying relevant by creating an outward focus so they bring new thinking and ideas to their role

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