In today’s fast moving work environment the ability to communicate and compromise can lead to conflict and tension building between employees or teams in the work place. The speed at which the underlying cause is identified, isolated and dealt with is crucial. 

Mediation helps people resolve conflict to their mutual satisfaction. A mediator facilitates, the parties decide and the outcomes have mutual gain.

Mediation is a critical step in a holistic process which includes remedial coaching and team building, designed to deal with disruptive behaviour. Such behaviour can prove damaging to both staff morale and productivity.

At CDS we believe in positive outcomes and in the case of mediation, achieving a positive outcome is first and foremost a solution that restores individual and team productivity swiftly to your business. 

Our qualified, experienced mediators will work to resolve disputes fairly and amicably by initially understanding from you:

  • The current situation
  • Expectations of managers
  • Strategic imperative
  • Operational pressures
  • Available resources and investment

During the mediation phase of conflict resolution, we use a combination of joint and private sessions with negotiation to devise a settlement agreement that is acceptable to all parties.

If you would like a CDS mediation expert to discuss conflict resolution with you, please contact Frances Mitchell.


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