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Mentoring is a professional activity, a trusted relationship, a meaningful commitment. The origins of mentoring can be traced back to ancient Greece as a technique to impart to young men important social, spiritual, and personal values. Mentoring as we know it today is loosely modelled on the historical craftsman/apprentice relationship, where young people learned a trade by shadowing the master artisan. In the mid-70s, corporate America redefined mentoring as a career development strategy.

Mentoring relationships range from loosely defined, informal collegial associations in which a mentee learns by observation and example to structured, formal agreements between expert and novice co-mentors where each develops professionally through the two-way transfer of experience and perspective. Whether the relationship is deemed formal or informal, the goal of mentoring is to provide career advice as well as both professional and personal enrichment.

But, for the relationship to work at its most effective it require the mentor to understand the process of learning and passing on knowledge. To appreciate what being a mentor is and importantly, is not. 

Our in-house training programmes for mentors have been successful both on a 1-1 bases and group sessions.  Using our ‘Generative Success’ model the programme supports those who want to become mentors and with equal measure, helps those already mentoring to understand the skills and behaviours exceptional mentors share, the values they hold that underpin their work, and how to avoid the typical problems that mentors and mentoring schemes can face with this one day course.

To discuss mentor training for your organisation, contact Frances Mitchell.

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