Corporate and Bespoke Mentoring Programmes

Corporate Mentoring Programmes

Successful organisations take the best care of their people

In today's competitive business environment, organisations need to reduce turnover costs and maximise employee productivity more than ever before. Companies decide to create mentoring programmes in the workplace because they want to nurture, retain, and attract talented people, share the benefits of experience, and keep ahead of the changing market conditions. They value adaptability, creativity, and innovation. An effective corporate mentoring programme helps develop untapped potential, to the benefit of the individuals and the business as a whole. In a survey by the Industrial Society published in 1999 and 2008 covering more than 300 companies, over 80 percent reported that mentoring had improved the achievement of individual performance targets and goals.

The top 7 reasons given for establishing mentoring programmes:  

  1. To promote the retention of valued employees (selected by 73%).
  2. To improve employees’ leadership and managerial skills (selected by 71%).
  3. To develop new leaders (selected by 66%).
  4. To enhance employees’ career development (selected by 62%).
  5. To place high-potential individuals on a fast career track (selected by 49%).
  6. To promote diversity (selected by 48%).
  7. To improve employees’ technical knowledge (selected by 30%)

Research indicates that mentoring is one of the important factors in business success. Mentoring provides a safe, protected learning environment. The mentored benefits from the mentor’s experience without having to go through the trial and error of learning the same lessons. Time is compressed; mistakes do not need to be repeated. Valuable lessons, knowledge, attitudes, and recognition of opportunities are passed on.

A solid mentoring programme that helps you strategically attract, develop, and retain your employees can make the difference between a good talent management strategy and a great one - one that positions you far ahead of your competitors.

There is no better time than now to launch your corporate mentoring program. Our mentoring consultants provide the knowledge, processes, and tools to roll out the best possible corporate mentoring programme as a key component of your business strategy. 

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Custom Mentoring Programmes

Brilliantly motivated talent

A targeted mentoring programme enables you to actively motivate and engage your most promising people - an indispensable part of successful workforce planning and succession planning strategy. Every organisation focuses on unique goals and competencies in developing their employees. We support your organisation's unique needs, competencies, and talent pool with custom mentoring solutions targeted for specific objectives.

By utilising one or more of these targeted programmes, you will empower your employees to grow and achieve their career goals in ways that enable your organisation to achieve its highest potential. Targeted mentoring programs provide a cost-efficient alternative for getting your employees up to speed and engaged. Formal mentoring programs can enhance the effectiveness of any talent management strategy.

Recruitment and Onboarding

The promise of a supportive mentor in a structured mentoring program will attract the most capable and motivated candidates to your organisation. By offering a mentoring program as part of your organisation's recruitment and onboarding process, you signal to all potential employees that you are invested in their personal and professional success, and that your organisation goes the extra mile to support its employees' careers.

Talent Development

Mentoring enables each of your employees to reach their full potential at your organisation. Mentoring programs promote your employees' personal and professional development in a strategic and supportive way, leading to enhanced return on investment per individual.

Develop Top Talent

Mentoring motivates and engages your top-talent employees. The most crucial employees at your organisation provide you with the means to build a sustainable talent pipeline.

Skill and Leadership Development

Mentoring develops employee skills and qualities that remain valuable beyond the duration of the mentoring partnership. Employees in mentoring partnerships gain more than the specific competencies they set out to develop.

Employee Retention

Retain your most promising leaders through formal mentoring. Top talent employees stay and thrive at organisations where they see themselves achieving their career goals and receiving the guidance they need to grow as professionals and individuals.

Employee Productivity

Mentees develop skills according to their individual career needs on a just-in-time basis. Mentoring partnerships help employees translate theory into practice as they apply their new knowledge immediately to projects and assignments.

Diversity Enhancement

While mentoring is crucial to employee retention at any organisation, it contributes most significantly to the retention of women and minority employees. Often, women, racial/ethnic minorities, and international employees indicate that the presence or absence of a supportive mentoring program is what ultimately drives their decision to remain with or leave their organisation. Mentoring helps you support, develop, and keep your talented employees from all backgrounds, bolstering a creative knowledge-base, and establishing a competitive advantage with your increasingly diverse clientele.

Knowledge Sharing

With the current and impending retirement of millions of Baby Boomers and an aging workforce, it is crucial for organisations to retain the wealth of knowledge and experience of seasoned employees. Mentoring partnerships provide direct opportunities for knowledge sharing - enhancing and tapping into knowledge capital within an organisation, and ensuring that your valuable organisational knowledge is not lost.

Employer Branding

The organisations that achieve the most sustainable success are those that attract the best people to develop their strategies and achieve their goals. An effective mentoring program brands your organisation as one that truly cares about its employees, helping your organisation continuously attract the best people for the roles you need.

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