Our Bespoke Approach

Leadership Development Programmes

All of the programmes we create are based on four elements that we believe make it possible for leaders to ‘fast form’ their leadership style.  
We are passionate about driving outputs and will work with you to create:

  • An absolute clarity of ‘good leadership in your business,’ based on benchmarking your leadership team against our Leader Character Assessment Checklist©
  • A Senior leadership team that take responsibility for their impact as leaders and own their personal development
  • A method of measuring development progress that links into your continuous improvement methods
  • Leaders that develop a core set of skills that can be applied to any situation
  • Senior leaders role models you can be proud of
  • A change in behaviours that support a cultural shift

Creating Better Conversations

The focus of our leadership development programmes is determined by our initial deep conversations and the diagnosis of the needs of the business. Together they can be created as broad leadership programmes or an Mastery Leader programme which pays close attention to the essential leadership knowledge while at the same time incorporates specific mastery skills and knowledge required in a the complex environment the leader works within.

To find out more about how we create leadership legacy or to discuss your leadership development needs, contact Frances Mitchell.

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