Career Directed Solutions Blog: May 2019

  • “Being wrong is not the same as being creative, but if you’re not prepared to be wrong you’ll never come up with anything original”, said Sir Ken Robinson.

    Creativity always involves some measure of risk, you will have to deal with uncertainty and possibly failure and this holds true whether you are making an artwork or starting an entrepreneurial venture. In fact, balancing opportunity and risk is a skill we all use in all aspects of life.
    Posted: Tuesday 21 May 2019
  • The company's culture sets the tone for the workforce and how they behave.
    A positive and engaging workplace will attract talented and motivated candidates. When prospective employees are evaluating job offers they look for organisations which are employee centred and promulgate a clear vision for the future. Existing employees are an organisation’s best asset in terms of sourcing and hiring good potential candidates.
    Posted: Thursday 9 May 2019
  • Gallup* claim that 70 percent of the variance in employee engagement scores is attributable to managers and how effectively they guide their teams. Research shows that it is managers who transform teams by engaging their people and enabling each to play to their strengths and organising work to best leverage the talent of the team for the benefit of the organisation.
    Posted: Friday 3 May 2019

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