Career Directed Solutions Blog: July 2018

  • The world of work is changing fast and a career today may involve moving between a number of different functions and employers. Employers seek people who are enterprising, resourceful and adaptable and who can demonstrate a range of skills that can be used in a variety of settings. These are known as employability skills.
    Posted: Wednesday 25 July 2018
  • Many people assume that the more highly qualified they are, the more attractive they are to an employer. This depends, however, on how relevant those qualifications are to the post for which you apply. A masters degree may aid a career change, or help you to gain chartership status and provide useful industry contacts.

    However, masters level study is intense and often expensive. In most cases, you'll need some relevant work experience for registration on a programme. To make the most of postgraduate study it's important to have a solid reason for committing to a course.
    Posted: Friday 20 July 2018
  • A lot of people think they’d “like to do something more creative”. The first piece of advice is: go right ahead and create, this is absolutely an area where actions speak louder than words.
    Posted: Wednesday 18 July 2018
  • People undertake voluntary work for many different reasons, from helping their local community to gaining work experience. From a career perspective, volunteering can help you:
    • develop skills and gain new skills; which may be part of supporting a change of career direction, developing a career or finding a new sense of purpose;
    • bridge the transition back into a work environment after a break or redundancy;
    • learn about yourself and your capabilities, and enhance self-confidence;
    • make new contacts and improve networking skills;

    To get the most from volunteering, it is important to think ahead.
    Posted: Monday 9 July 2018

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