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  • There’s a whole new year looming ahead, full of possibilities. The holiday season is a perfect time to think about your career and make some resolutions for the months ahead.
    Posted: Thursday 20 December 2018
  • Another year gone and it’s a busy time with deadlines, parties, events and personal commitments to juggle. The year-end holidays, however you celebrate, are a good opportunity to take some time out to review the past twelve months, to review your resources and make plans for the coming year.
    Posted: Wednesday 12 December 2018
  • Networking is about finding opportunities to interact with others, sharing information and news, and to make and develop professional and social contacts.

    In other words it’s a way to help yourself and a key skill for a job seeker or a contract worker who needs to cultivate a network of potential employers.
    Posted: Friday 9 November 2018
  • With the shifting retirement age towards 70 and the growth of the portfolio sector an increasing light has been shone on the opportunities for Non Executive Director (NED) roles. To help us to explore this phenomenon and learn more at our Consultants conferences we invited a friend of CDS and alumni Nigel Smith to come and speak to the group about his experience as a Non-Executive Director. Nigel’s insights on his journey and subsequent in role experiences were invaluable.
    Posted: Friday 2 November 2018
  • It’s that time of year, the time of year where look at the budget for next year, our aspiration and our concerns. Not at government level but in boardrooms up and down the land in companies big and small. So how did the budget that emerged from similar meetings reflect the challenges we are seeing in the boardroom?
    Posted: Thursday 1 November 2018
  • As a business we have always prided ourselves on the professionalism and quality of our consultancy team and we do our best to recognise their efforts with a plethora of thankyous where appropriate. Whilst saying thank you is so important it is also fleeting and intangible, so we decided to mark individual contributions in a more permanent way.
    Posted: Saturday 27 October 2018
  • This year CDS are proud to be supporting local heroes Gerald and Penny Rutter as they take part in Ride Africa an exciting and challenging adventure cycling across Africa in aid of
    Posted: Saturday 15 September 2018
  • To make a good impression at interview, you need to describe situations that showcase your:
    • Work-specific / technical skills
    • Employability / transferable skills
    Posted: Thursday 6 September 2018
  • If you want your job application to have the best possible chance then you need to match your skills, experience and qualities to those relevant to the job.
    Posted: Wednesday 22 August 2018
  • Research for Guardian Money by the Start Up Loans Company and YouGov says that 28 per cent of British adults have considered turning their hobby into a business. However, fewer than one third have gone on to try, the poll of more than 4,000 people found. For those who did start a new hobby-based venture 86 per cent of those surveyed said it gave them greater job satisfaction.
    Posted: Thursday 16 August 2018

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