This next phase in your life will bring about many changes.

When considering these changes it is also useful to understand how other people will be affected. External factors will have a bearing on what that new lifestyle looks like and will influence short, medium and long-term aspirations.  

If such a lifestyle change is to be successful and enjoyable then it needs to be planned for. Individuals will need information, have a strong self-awareness, and above all resilience. They may already have begun to formulate plans, whether it be travel, spending more time on leisure interests, helping others in voluntary work, or starting a business. But what is truly needed to ensure someone makes a successful transition smoothly? 

Our Lifestyle Choices programme has the following primary objectives: 

• To highlight and explore a broad range of life issues that might change and to encourage the individual to prepare for these changes as best as they can 

• To help identify and prioritise any concerns and to signpost the individual to the best sources for more information, support, guidance and advice

• To help the individual to plan for this major change in lifestyle so that they can achieve their aspirations and goals

How we have helped people with Leadership & Management Development

Outplacement is a very unsettling time. If you want extra support in making the transition as smooth as possible, get in touch today.