Team Coaching with Team Footsteps™

Engagement, Excellence and Edge

Quite simply, we love coaching teams. Although achieving individual change is powerful, helping a group of people pull together to create a shared culture of success can be extraordinarily exciting and effective.

Team coaching helps people understand how to work better with others. It's an effective method for showing teams how to reduce conflict and improve their working relationships. The team can then focus on its real work, and achieve its objectives.

Our Team Footsteps™ framework focuses on interpersonal skills and interactions instead of on individual development (as you tend to do with individually-focused coaching). The way people act with their teammates, and the way they communicate with one another – these are important drivers of effective team performance. After all, you can put a lot of high-performing individuals on a team and still have performance problems.

People must learn to work together and understand how to relate to one another – otherwise the team's output will be less than it could be.
Great teams need to look at how they work, not just what they do.

Our coaches help them rise above the daily grind and master the skills, behaviours and ways of thinking that will ensure:

  • Quicker, better decision making
  • Higher commitment to those decisions
  • Quicker, better implementation of those decisions
  • Clearer communication, internally and with the wider business
  • Trusting and empowering working relationships
  • Personal fulfilment for individuals in the team

 To discuss team coaching using our Team Footsteps™ framework, contact Frances Mitchell.

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