The Year of the Career

The speed of change in the workplace is gathering momentum at an amazing and unprecedented rate.

Advances in technology, ways of working, geographic reach, innovation and rapidly changing consumer behavior is leading to seismic changes to the career landscape.

These changes are leading to many employees searching for answers to onward career plans in isolation and often in confusion and is setting often unrealistic goals as to speed of onward progression. This is also having a massive impact on employee engagement, retention and performance.

CDS recognises this and has launched the year of the career in a drive to work with employers to focus on providing a skilled and knowledgeable career centricity to their businesses and organisations, skillfully recognising the balance between business and employee need. So much work is being carried out in the fields of engagement but without an innovative approach to career management this work will be like Ant without Dec!!!

To launch the year of the career we will be organising training, events and working alongside our corporate customers to make sure their organisations are truly career centric.  Would you like to join us?

If you would like more information on increasing employee engagement, productivity and business performance, contact Steve Thompson-Martyn


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