Transition & Onboarding

We offer measurable results.

Appointing a new employee can be a risky business for any organisation. At this point you have invested in the recruitment process and will no doubt look to achieve a return on your investment in as short a time as possible.

Transition and Onboarding with Career Directed Solutions

We offer you our innovative 90 day CDS programme which will ensure a quicker return on investment for you by speeding up the breakeven point on your recruitment investment.

Our programme includes:

  • How to ensure quick wins in a new role
  • How to hit the deck running
  • The 3 ps – politics, priorities and people

Our transition and onboarding programme is delivered by experienced consultants who understand what is required to effect a smooth transition and gain maximum value for you.  Please contact Frances Mitchell to discuss implementing this CDS solution UK wide or contact Henry Armstrong for London and the South East.

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