Transition Coaching

Transition can be daunting for both employees and organisations and if not dealt with quickly and expertly it can be damaging for all concerned.

At CDS we have recognised three distinct areas where the impact of transition coaching can make a significant difference:

  • New Roles - Faced with a fresh role, new people and often new location, transition coaching helps an individual to feel supported and valued when this is most needed.  By supporting those taking on the challenge of a new role, you will greatly lessen the chances of role derailment and thus future recruitment costs.
  • Changed Roles - Adapting to change affects us all differently but when the circumstances surrounding role change are factored in, extreme cases can prove very disruptive and damaging for a business. Transition coaching addresses challenges and concerns to form a supportive environment, encouraging productivity.
  • Global Moves - Working globally has long been accepted as the norm but once a new culture, altered customs, potential language barriers and additional business challenges become a reality for an individual, it will by that stage have started to be overwhelming. Our global transition programme has been designed alongside organisations and individuals to provide coaching and support throughout every stage of the journey. And, because global moves affect the whole family, we also extend our offer of coaching support to partners. 

CDS Transition Coaching Programmes

We offer a structured programme designed around our innovative CDS developed Transition Model that supports clients in identifying and exploring their key challenges. Request our CDS Transition Coaching Model

We achieve this through:

  • Bespoke designed Transition Coaching programmes with expert one-to one coaching
  • The CDS Transition Coaching Model which is robust in terms of design and also flexible to accomodate differing needs
  • A dedicated Transition Coaching Journal developed by us in conjunction with client organisations and individuals

Our research has clearly shown that companies investing in taiilored coaching transition programmes are seeing strong financial benefits through retention rather than recruitment. Transition coaching accelerates a person’s ability to get up to speed, reduces the risk of ‘derailment’ problems and the resulting impact on productivity.

Contact Frances Mitchell today to discuss how CDS Transition Coaching can benefit your organisation.

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