To take time to think is to gain time to live.

Nancy Kline

We provide unique coaching, development and mentoring workshops and programmes

In this fast-paced and extremely driven world we live in, it can sometimes be more productive to stop and take stock before deciding our next step. Taking time out to reflect and clarify the best way forward can support us to grow and develop our full potential.

Our coaching and development programmes facilitate both individuals and teams to stop and take stock to develop and grow their thinking, skills, knowledge and approach. We take the time to understand the what, why and how then introduce the best models, research and tools to help them develop. We offer a practical experience to allow the individual or group to apply these new techniques and practise them in a safe environment.

All our coaching and development programmes are bespoke and will help your people and business to grow and succeed. Our coaches, facilitators and trainers come with excellent track records, qualifications and extensive commercial and business experience

Red and grey butterfly icon Transition Coaching

We offer an effective and proven Coaching Transition Framework. Supporting you to successfully navigate new roles, skills and behaviours as well as many other career transitions.

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Coaching Focus Areas

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Whether you have been hit with change or a huge challenge, we are here to create positive and directed change. Our Coaching Focus Areas are completely bespoke to your exact needs meaning we can explore your current challenges and issues and find the best solution for you.

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Red and grey butterfly icon Leadership & Management Development

We provide unique leadership and management training and development workshops and programmes, aimed at transforming the leadership capability and confidence of your people. Enabling your leaders to achieve success for themselves, their teams and the business.

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Personal Effectiveness

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Our focus is to equip your people with the will and skills they need to enable them to succeed in life and at work. Skills, behaviours and knowledge are the key assets that need to be nurtured in order for your people to grow.

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Practice Leader

Sara Penter

Head of Coaching

“Throughout my career I have personally benefited from stepping outside my comfort zone with the support of great coaches, teachers and trainers. I believe that the depth, speed and impact of my learning has been greatly enhanced by working with others to guide the way”.

How we have helped people with Coaching & Development

If you would like to create the time and space for individuals or teams to STOP and THINK to build new ideas, new approaches and new skills please use the contact form below.

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