To take time to think is to gain time to live.

Nancy Kline

In this fast-paced, technology driven age we often lack time. We sometimes get in our own way and sometimes we need to stop and think in order to progress in the most effective way. Our Coaching and Development solutions create the space on a one-to-one, or group basis to allow individuals to develop and grow their thinking, skills, knowledge and approach.

Whether working with individuals or teams, the first thing we do is to get a clear understanding about the ‘shift’ required – in other words the what, why and how. When we have fully understood these, we introduce the best models, research and tools, and then create the space for the individual (or group) to try, practise and apply the techniques so they can integrate them into their approach.

All of our coaches and trainers come with great track records, qualifications and extensive commercial and business experience. They quickly get to the core of the matter and provide challenge, reflections and insights in order to create the ‘shift’ and outcomes that are desired.

We provide four Coaching & Development practice areas that include…

Red and grey butterfly icon Transition Coaching

Our Transition Coaching provides support when you are new to a role and need new skills or behaviours in order to create an impact and excel.

We match the best coach to your situation and use a powerful transition framework that covers all the bases required in order to make your transition a success.

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Coaching Focus Areas

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Our Coaching focuses on creating positive, directed change. We support you to find clarity of purpose and direction, and to raise the bar in what you achieve.

We work together to create the map, discover creative solutions and develop a toolkit of personal resources to support you on your journey to success.

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Red and grey butterfly icon Leadership & Management Development

We know that a successful business depends on effective leadership – at all levels. We also know that the attributes and behaviours of a successful leader are things that can be learned and are vital for productivity, sustainability, bottom-line results, employee engagement and motivation.

We design and deliver bespoke, high impact leadership workshops and programmes so that your leaders achieve success for themselves, their teams and the business.

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Personal Effectiveness

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Our Personal Effectiveness practice focuses on equipping individuals with the will and skills to create the impact and results needed to succeed.

We believe that skills, behaviours and knowledge are like the assets of an individual and need to be nurtured in order to appreciate and grow.

We design and deliver bespoke workshops with the focus on developing personal effectiveness so that you can win and be a success.

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Practice Leader

Sara Penter

Head of Coaching

“Throughout my career I have personally benefited from stepping outside my comfort zone with the support of great coaches, teachers and trainers. I believe that the depth, speed and impact of my learning has been greatly enhanced by working with others to guide the way”.

How we have helped people with Coaching & Development

If you would like to create the time and space for individuals or teams to STOP and THINK to build new ideas, new approaches and new skills please use the contact form below.