We are being judged by a new yardstick; not just how smart we are but also how well we handle ourselves and each other.

Daniel Goleman

Great leaders and managers tune into, develop and practice building their Emotional Intelligence (EI) muscle.

They consistently cultivate a deep level of self awareness and ability to adapt to complex and diverse scenarios. They demonstrate resilience and the tenacity to stay on track, and develop exceptional relationships with others where they can influence, inspire and productively manage conflict.

“CEOs are hired for their intellect and business expertise and fired for a lack of emotional intelligence”  Daniel Goleman

Our Leadership and Management Development workshops and programmes are highly bespoke and designed to develop the individual’s EI ‘will and skill’ through a range of topics including:

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

Leadership & Influencing Stakeholders

Leadership & Conflict Management

Leadership & Resilience

Leadership & Change Management

Leadership & Motivation

Managing Performance

Delegation Skills

Coaching Conversations

How we have helped people with Leadership & Management Development

If you are looking to hone your leadership’s ‘will and skill’, contact us today.

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