All great changes are preceded by chaos.

Deepak Chopra

Strategic support practice

In our Strategic Support Practice we work with organisations to make sure things go to plan and that key goals are met. Our approach is to get stuck into the detail. Get crystal clear on key dates and activities and understanding that clarity and consistency around all communications is key. In this way we fully understand the context and areas of concern and are then able to offer caring and flexible support to those affected, whilst maintaining ‘business as usual’ activities elsewhere. 

We recognise that the challenges can be quite different in managing a site closure, and the integration of a new business(es), as a result of a merger or acquisition. Our guides as to best practice in such situations can be accessed below. 

In addition, we also recognise the importance of the role of the line manager, who will be a key player in making sure the impact on productivity is minimised. So, we offer them support during the period of change, even though they may be personally affected themselves. We do this by offering workshops that include:

  • Managing Teams Through Change: equipping Line Managers in how best to manage their teams through change, in a sensitive and professional way, so as to maintain morale and performance.
  • Workforce Consultative Groups: exploring the consultation process, establishing best practice and equipping delegates with the skills to carry out their role effectively.
  • Difficult Conversations: training Line Managers in how to deliver a difficult message, professionally, sensitively and consistently, so as to maintain the good reputation of their company.
  • Awareness Briefing: to introduce Career Directed Solutions and explain the programme of support that is to be provided, gaining an understanding of priorities, needs and concerns.
Strategic support workshops

How we have helped people with Strategic Support

If you would like to protect your brand and extend your duty of care throughout the redundancy process then contact us.

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