Doing the right thing is more important than doing the thing right.

Peter Drucker

When a multi-site organisation is going through a transition involving numerous leavers, the in-house resources available are often not enough to go around.

This can leave employees who are located at more remote sites, feeling isolated and unsupported during this difficult and uncertain time. To address this gap, we have built a strong network of Senior Career Transition Consultants who are located throughout the UK and extend into parts of Europe. 

We have worked with this network for many years and over that time have successfully delivered group outplacement programmes to a wide range of industries from corporates, both large and small, to industrial, manufacturing and retail organisations.

We deliver our outplacement programmes in a number of ways including one-to-one support where required. 

It all starts by carefully matching each consultant with the group, based on background, skills and personality. We then deliver a tailored programme that is supported by practical workshops and access to our CDS Client Centre, an online resource that includes a job search database and other practical skill-based learning tools. 

Typically, our workshops cover areas such as: 
  • Job Search and Interview Techniques
  • Self-Employment
  • Lifestyle Choices
  • Preparing for Assessment Centres

How we have helped people with Multiple Leavers Programme

If you need additional expertise to help manage the impact of outplacement on staff, contact us today.

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