We recognise that the retirement landscape has changed, with radical reforms to workplace and state pensions, plus increasing life expectancy.

Release lifestyle retirement

Retirement is a word that has many connotations. It is something that we look forward to for a very long time, but when it comes the decisions about when, and what to do next can be difficult. It is normal for employees to feel anxious about taking this step as it will potentially have a major impact on their life.

Employees planning for this change in lifestyle have much to consider. Our programme helps them to make informed decisions by looking in depth at what is likely to change and how that change will impact on them.

Our Lifestyle Choices programme gives time for self-assessment and reflection. Our aim is to open this new world to exploration and throw in some ideas and helpful direction along the way.

We help to address clients’ concerns, by taking a practical look at the pros and cons. We take clients through a structured process so that they feel more informed and confident about making the right choice.

Supporting your key people through this stage can have tangible benefits for your business. It can help with your succession planning, the engagement and retention of emerging leaders and in ensuring that there are no unplanned, erratic transition processes. This in turn reduces the risk of wider disengagement which, if not tackled swiftly, can lead to a more general downturn in morale and productivity.

Lifestyle Planning

Building a Portfolio Career

Money Matters


How we have helped people with Release Lifestyle

If you want to provide extra support for those thinking of retirement, get in touch with us today.

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