Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.

Henry Ford

We recognise that the success of an organisation is all about people working together and delivering results collectively as a team.

When a team is operating at its best it becomes a multiplier. A multiplier of performance, of results, of talent, of engagement and of creativity.

Our High Performing Teams programmes unify, focus, re-energise and re-commit teams so they operate as a multiplier, achieve the results they want and build a great reputation across the organisation.

We spend time understanding your team and their challenges, and run a Discovery Session to identify the right solution, methodology and coach.

The following are the four High Performing Teams practice areas in which we work…

Defining Team Purpose and Brand

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This practice is for newly formed teams and teams that need re-energising, to clarify their purpose and their desired ‘personality’.  It’s about getting the team focused and committed to the same goals, ambitions and behaviours.

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Green and grey butterfly icon High Performing Team Behaviours

In this practice we support teams to get under the skin of what a great team looks like – what they do and how they behave.

We share High Performing Team models that includes a diagnostic so the team can create a baseline of how they are performing against their desired behaviours. After which they get to decide what they want to commit to – to raise the bar.

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Team Communication

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This practice allows the team to better understand each other through the use of accurate profiling tools. The tools reveal the preferences of other team members in relation to communication, decision-making and the working environment so they can understand and play to each other’s strengths.

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Green and grey butterfly icon Systemic Team Coaching

In this practice we work with teams to build the capability of the individuals in the team and the team itself, with the focus on development and improving performance. The model focuses on the customers and stakeholders of the team. I.e. who the team is there to serve (called “outside-in”) and on the future needs they have of the team (called “future-back”).

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Practice Leader

Sara Penter

Head of Coaching

“I truly believe that teams are the greatest differentiator in organisations’ success. When teams are consistently working well together they become the multiplier … in ideas, innovation, energy, solutions, engagement, resilience and ultimately results”.

How we have helped people with High Performing Teams

If your team needs to form or press the ‘reset button’ get in touch with us today.

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