Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration wonderful things can be achieved.

Mattie Stepanek

This practice area consists of a specific team coaching model – Systemic Team Coaching – which is a process of coaching the whole team together and apart over a designated period of time.

Systemic team coaching performance

The Systemic Team Coaching model focuses on the customers and stakeholders of the team. I.e. who the team is there to serve (called “outside-in”) and on the future needs they have of the team (called “future-back”).

The approach is designed specifically to build the capability of the individuals in the team and the team itself, with the focus on development and improving performance.

We build an environment that is one of trust, support and productivity, while keeping everyone’s eye on the ball to achieve results. 

Systemic team coaching model

How we have helped people with Systemic Team Coaching

If your team needs to understand how they are showing up and to raise the bar in their performance and results, get in touch today.

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